YADeG is a grid computing system developped by Tangui Morlier. This project is a fork of XtremWeb. Implemented in C++, it provides, in addition to the classical desktop grid fonctionalities, data management and graph of executions. It has been developped to be multiplatform and offers a multilanguage API for the client. With its integrated data base, the installation and the setting up of the platform is easy.

Yet Another Desktop Grid has been previously named XW++.


The following four elements form a part of the YADeG architecture:


To compile YADeG, you will need the following multiplatform libraries :

Moreover, the dispatcher (which can right now only be compiled on linux and maybe other unixes) needs :


You can download the source code of YADeG here.

It is distributed under dual licences (GPL and CeCCIL), if you want to modify the code feel free to choose one of them.

You can aswell acces to the source with subversion. Our dedicated gforge page will explain you how to do acces to our version control server.


If you want to known how to use YADeG, read this user manual.

If you are a developpeur, and you want to known how YADeG is organised, you should read this documentation.



Tangui Morlier, the developper of this project is reacheable at